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Bobo & Coco

One's name is Bobo, the other's name is Coco,
together they're a comedy team!

     Bobo & Coco are an inseperable pair of primates, bumbling through the jungle on their search for bananas. While Bobo is a curious and trouble-making monkey, Coco is a hot-tempered brute with a dream of becoming famous.

Bobo the monkeyBobo the monkeyBobo the monkey
Bobo the monkey and Baby BabooBobo the monkeyBobo the monkey
     "Bobo the Monkey"
     Bobo the Monkey Comic
     In "Bobo the Monkey", the trouble-making chimp learns that curiosity squashed the Bobo!

FAST FACT: The Bobo & Coco characters were originally envisioned as amusing cartoon mascots rather than the stars of their very own comic series, as the comedy pair would provide almost unlimited merchandising opportunities!

Bobo & Coco... a comedy team!
Coco the gorillaCoco the gorillaCoco thg e gorilla Coco the gorilla

Bobo & Coco... a comedy team!The hunter... a chump!

Coco VS Bobo
Do Not Feed!      Eat Bobo Eat!
Bobo brings Coco a giant banana!
Bobo Feeds Coco

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Son of Zeus Productions: Classic Portfolio- Index
Classic Portfolio- Index

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