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Life as a Sperm

Ever wonder what sperm would say to each other if they could talk?

     Life as a Sperm is a hilarious cartoon satire that delves into the daily life of a sperm, from monotonous lectures on swimming to the wooing of the elusive egg, and features many amusing scenarios. With over nine original cartoons, Life as a Sperm is the most complete comic series in the Classic Portfolio.


     "The Meaning of Life"
     Life as a Sperm: 'The Meaning of Life'
     In "The Meaning of Life", an inquisitive sperm gets more than he bargained for when he discusses philosophy with his superior.

     "A Valuable Lesson"
     Life as a Sperm: 'A Valuable Lesson'
     In "A Valuable Lesson", a sperm finds out from a fellow student that their lives revolve around one very important lesson...

     "A Monthly Problem"
     Life as a Sperm: 'A Monthly Problem'
     In "A Monthly Problem", one sperm learns just how tough love can be... again and again and again!

     "A Long Journey"
     Life as a Sperm: 'A Long Journey'
     In "A Long Journey", a sperm informs his subordinate that their trip may take a little longer than usual...

FAST FACT: Several episodes of Life as a Sperm were originally published in the "Pearson Press" (a high school newspaper) under the title Life... or Something Like it. Why the change? Due to the debatably "mature subject matter and adult humour", which, it was argued, would upset the parents of the younger students, the comics had to be censored. The words "sperm" and "egg" were thus edited out and the nature of the cartoon and its characters were left ambiguous.


     Life as a Sperm: 'Amateurs!!'
     In "Amateurs", two excitable sperm celebrate a bit too early when they chance upon their elusive goal...

     "A Shameful Return"
     Life as a Sperm: 'A Shameful Return'
     In "A Shameful Return", one sperm's encounter with rejection may be another sperm's window of opportunity!

     "Another Shameful Return"
     Life as a Sperm: 'Another Shameful Return'
     In "Another Shameful Return", a sperm with an ego learns the hard way that love hurts... literally!

FAST FACT: "A Shameful Return" was originally an unfinished work that was only completed during the restoration process. With its lack of a true punchline, it would not be able to stand on its own-- thus, it now serves mainly as a lead in to "Another Shameful Return".


     "Introducing Ninja Master Sperm Lee..."
     Life as a Sperm: 'Sperm Lee #1'      Life as a Sperm: 'Sperm Lee #2'
     In "Sperm Lee #1" and "Sperm Lee #2", a wise old sperm gives us all some words to live by!

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Son of Zeus Productions: Classic Portfolio- Index
Classic Portfolio- Index

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