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Son of Zeus Productions: Classic Portfolio- Index

     Welcome to the Son of Zeus Productions "Classic Portfolio", a collection of drawings, art, fiction, and websites created many years ago, between 2001 and 2003. Although many of these unique creations have been published in some form in the past, others are being made public for the first time. In addition, although a few of the drawings were already finished, most have been completely restored, retouched, and refined in high-resolution in order to create finished works. All drawings, which were originally produced either in simple black and white, crudely penciled in grey, or shaded in grayscale, have been coloured and polished, and may now be presented as originally envisioned.

     Introducing the New Generation of the Son of Zeus Productions "Classic Portfolio": brand new comics, cartoons, games, and fiction, featuring your favourite characters. Check back frequently, as New Generation features will be added to each section on a regular basis. Just look for the "NEW!" logo to find the newly added creations!
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     Click on the links below to browse all of these classic creations!

Comics- featuring a variety of hilarious and entertaining cartoons
Games- drawings created to pass the time and challenge you
Fiction- original, thrilling short stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat
Websites- creative fansites built to attract many visitors
Extras- a miscellaneous collection of extra characters and sketches

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Life as a Sperm
     Ever wonder what sperm would say to each other if they could talk?
Life as a Sperm is a hilarious satire that delves into the daily life of a sperm, from monotonous lectures on swimming to the wooing of the elusive egg, and features many amusing scenarios. With over nine original cartoons, Life as a Sperm is the most complete comic series in the Classic Portfolio.
     Click here to see all of the comics in this series.
New comics, including a new character, "Ninja Master Sperm Lee", ADDED! (07/13/07)

Baby J
     The mischievious newborn who loves cookies!
Baby J is a charming cartoon series starring an adorable newborn who always seems to be getting into trouble. From his destructive attempt to secure an out-of-reach cookie to his take on some common computer terms, Baby J will always induce a smile.
     Click here to check out all of the comics in this series.
New comics featuring the trouble-making newborn ADDED! (07/13/07)

     An idiot vampire's quest for employment...
Vampire 4 Hire is a Halloween-themed comic series with a laughable premise: a real-life vampire, unable to meet his payments and booted from his castle, must scour the classifieds to find a 'real' job. Although he is somehow able to secure a position, old habits never die, and he always screws it up.
     Click here and get ready to laugh at all of the comics in this series.

Bobo & Coco
     One's name is Bobo, the other's name is Coco, together they're a comedy team!
Bobo & Coco are an inseperable pair of primates, bumbling through the jungle on their search for bananas. While Bobo is a curious and trouble-making monkey, Coco is a hot-tempered brute with a dream of becoming famous.
     Click here to view all of their cartoon antics.
New cartoons of this primate duo ADDED! (07/13/07)

Yuno the Alien
     A strange creature with a penchant for money!
Yuno the Alien is infatuated with something on this planet that all of us covet... moola! And this sly character will always find a way to get it, no matter what, or who, gets in his way!
     Click here to see more of Yuno.
New celebrities for Yuno to zap ADDED! (07/13/07)

Mr. Bayoumi
     Who exactly is "Mr. Bayoumi"???
Mr. Bayoumi is a hapless physics teacher who just can't identify with his students... but he does try. Based on a real person and actual events, join Mr. Bayoumi as he strives to understand the people around him, with hilarious results.
     Click here to see more of Mr. Bayoumi... you know you want to!

The Amazing Spiderman
     Another spectacular adventure for everyone's favourite web-slinger!
The Amazing Spider-man is a take on the classic series of Marvel comics that we all know and love.
In "The Rage of the Scorpion", a run-of-the-mill bank heist turns into major trouble for Spidey when an old nemesis gains terrifying new powers. Unfortunately, this comic remains incomplete.
     Click here to see ol' web-head in this unique adventure!

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Super Mario Maze
     It's a Mushroom Kingdom Maze to cure your boredom!
Super Mario is an original maze with an entertaining twist: not only must you reach the goal, but you will have to collect stars, travel through warp pipes, and avoid dangerous enemies along the way! Featuring many characters and environments from the classic videogame series.
     Click here to play!

New games, including a crossword puzzle and a word jumble, COMING SOON!

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Once in a Blue Moon
     A thrilling espionage adventure starring Jonathan Smythe.
Once in a Blue Moon is a spy novel in the vein of Ian Fleming's James Bond series, delivering edge-of-your-seat suspense and intrigue of the highest order. After escaping a doomed ocean-liner off the coast of France, Agent Smythe of the Echo Echelon must follow his only lead: Petrov, a Russian general turned arms-dealer, and his deal with the devil. With high-speed chases on both land and water, the silent infiltration of a heavily guarded embassy, and insidious, deadly enemies, Once in a Blue Moon is a spy-thriller that will engage readers of all kinds.
     Click here to begin Jonathan Smythe's most dangerous mission.
The intrigue and espionage doesn't end there... new chapters ADDED! (07/15/07)

The Forever Train
     Secret agent Jonathan Smythe's first dangerous mission...
The Forever Train is the first-ever espionage adventure starring the Echo Echelon's coldest and most deadly agent: Jonathan Smythe. His first mission begins with a mysterious death at a crowded Russian train station and will take him aboard the high-tech 'Forever Express', where danger lurks around every corner and the clock ominously ticks down to disaster! Unfotunately, this short story remains unfinished, thus only the first two chapters are available.
     Click here to begin Jonathan Smythe's very first mission.

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Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights ISU Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights ISU
Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights ISU is a website featuring information, summaries, reviews, and a critical analysis of this popular book series. Originally developed for a class project (an Independent Study Unit), this site, the only fansite of its kind, has become popular with the book's fans, and consistently ranks in the top ten search results on Google and Yahoo!.
     Click here to view this website. is a website created many years ago (in 2001), and featured news, info, and media about the videogame Metal Gear Solid 2, as well as the entire "Metal Gear" series. During its time, it became popular with fans, entertaining them with polls and quizzes and drawing them back with frequent updates, and ranked among the top search results on Yahoo!. Unfortunately, the .com domain has now expired and many of the links no longer work.
     Click here to view this website.

Friends in French Friends in French
Friends in French is a website developed for a friend as part of a class project for a French course, and featured biographies of all of the mega popular TV show's main characters and links to games and quizzes about the show. This fansite is unique in that all of the text is in French!
     Click here to view this website.

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Extra Characters
     Classic, loveable characters and effective logos galore.
Extra Characters is a section featuring original creations and personalities that were envisioned as viable cartoons, but never received comics of their own. Here you will also find characters used as logos, some of which have been published!
     Click here to see all of the extra characters.

Future World
Future World is a crude sketch intended to portray the harsh future of mankind.
     Click here to view this sketch.

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